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After two years of agonizing recovery from a life altering hit-and-run accident, cyclist Pearson Constantino and his brother Pete are riding across America to make our roads safer and inspire more bicycling. A documentary film, THE LONG BIKE BACK, is being made about Pearson’s inspirational comeback and the brothers’ epic ride.

US Route 20 across Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts
August 12, 2008 6am: Newport, OR
October 1, 2008 6pm Cape Cod, MA

On a beautiful morning in late June 2006, lifelong cyclist Pearson Constantino was riding on a suburban road when he was struck from behind by an SUV.  He suffered multiple severe injuries including a shattered hip, a crushed lumbar vertebra and severe head trauma; his helmet saved his life. In what is an all too common phenomenon, the driver fled the scene.  

Pearson was one of 44000 cyclists to be injured by a motor vehicle in the United States in 2006, an additional 68000 pedestrians were injured in traffic crashes.

Although Pearson is still plagued by constant pain in his back and hip and lingering memory loss, he has returned to his bicycle and is riding across America to encourage road safety and inspire others to cycle.  For 50 days beginning August 12th Pearson and his brother Pete will cycle from Newport, Oregon to Cape Cod, Massachusetts along US Route 20, Main Street America.  This route will allow them to bicycle with and talk to a wide spectrum of Americans, motivating others to cycle and motorists to be aware of vulnerable road-users.  Their journey, including Pearson’s recovery, is being filmed for the documentary THE LONG BIKE BACK,

Because of soaring gas prices, concern for global warming and a need for fitness there has been and will continue to be a rise in bicyclists on our roads.  There is no better time to be making our roads safer and more accessible to all traffic.

Pearson and Pete have already been traveling around the northeast, cycling with local groups and giving presentations about safe cycling and driving.  Their spirit and enthusiasm for cycling, along with Pearson’s inspirational recovery, has proved infectious to everyone they meet. 

For more information or to schedule an interview please contact Julia Wrona at or  (914) 576-1727.  There is more information about the bicycle trip and the film at and a full trip itinerary is available upon request.